Scheda tecnica

Variety: Schioppettino

Clone choice /
mass selection:
clones and mass selection

Altitudine: 90 m s.l.m.

Esposizione: West

Training system: single-side singlearched cane

Density per ha: 2800 - 5700 viti

Planting year: 1976 - 2003

Grape harvest
The grapes are collected on the basis of sensory analysis in the pre-harvest period: maximum maturation of skins and tannins is sought
Soil type
Alluvial plain with marl deposits on the surface
This wine ferments at a controlled temperature of 26°C. It remains on its skins for a period of 20 days during which the extraction of colour and structure by means of simple manual punching of the cap is favoured
It is refined in small oaken barrels with 500 l capacity where the malolactic
fermentation takes place for a period of 14-16 months, at the end of which it is
bottled without filtering to preserve to a maximum its integrity. It is refined in the
bottle for at least 4 months
Serving temperature


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