Scheda tecnica

Variety: Friulano

Clone choice / mass selection: clones and mass selections

Altitude: 170 m above sea level

Exposure: south/south-east

Training system: guyot aND CAPPUCCINA

DensitY per ha: 3200 VINES

Planting Year: 1970

Soil and vineyards

The microclimate and soil differences make the territory unique and unmatched: these are the sources of such a great wine; two locations in particular were chosen to create the sauvignon “Petrus”. The first is a 35-years-old vineyard, located on a soil denominated “flisch of Cormons”, which is characterized by alternating layers of Marl and sandstone of Ecene origin(1).The other vineyard is a few kilometers away from the first but located on another hill of Pleistocene(2) origin called “flisch of Grivò”. Both the vineyards have a north-east exposure and the origin of the cuttings comes from a massal selection.

Agronomic treatments
A peeling of the bunches is carried out around 15 days before the harvest to ease the synthesis and evolution of the aromatic compounds.
Grape harvest
At complete maturation of the grapes and of their compounds to safeguard the longevity and complexity of the wine, a sensory analysis of these is carried out to ensure the right aromatic and cellular maturity.


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